Friday, October 22, 2010

Change. {to me at least}
Tuesday I woke up and started getting ready like I normally do. Right before I left, I looked out my window to see if it was overcast or not and this is what I saw:Keep in mind it was October 19. Why is it snowing so early here! I thought I had at least until November for the snow! But with that said, Garmisch is so beautiful with the snow. Two of my kids are from California (ironically from the same school in California and are new this year to Garmisch) and they have never seen the snow. It was pretty difficult for them to be excited about learning functions when there was snow falling outside! Luckily in the afternoon it was bright and shiny and melted all the snow! The next couple of days were the same... On Thursday my school had Hockey day. We went to the gym and about 7 or 8 men {very very cute men :) } from the Garmisch hockey team. It was so much fun to see all my kids so excited to learn how to play and just interact with them!

I have taken a picture from the same spot quite a few times, it fun to see all the change that has occurred since my arrival. I love the fall color of the trees and the wintery snow.

Today was my last day in my 4th grade class. My kids have been begging me not to go. They're so cute asking if they can skype with me once I get back to Arizona. Here are a couple of the cute things they've said/written to me concerning my leaving:
  1. You were the best student teacher ever. When we give you presents please don't cry like are (our) other student teachers.
  2. Please send us things when you get to Arizona. Send me a map so I will know where you are.
  3. I think you can be a teacher!
  4. Your the best. Your the best and all the cool words!
  5. Here is something to remember me by, but it won't last forever. {She gave me tea because I drink tea all the time and they always commented on it}
  6. Its so fun that you skip all the boring things
And here is the last picture of me with my kiddos today. As you can see they're a silly bunch :)
Man, I'm going to miss these sillies. Good thing I'll be around the school for the next 8 weeks.


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