Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Germam Halloween weekend!


So another student teacher came to Garmisch about 2 weeks ago {which is such a blessing, I finally have someone to go do things with in Garmisch}. Anyways, we met some people at a place downtown that was supposed to have a Halloween party, Peaches. Peaches is the place where a lot of Americans go. We were supposed to dress up, so I had to borrow a costume from my old teacher's daughter, Well anyway, we got there pretty early because that was the last bus that took us from base to down town {by the way, can't wait to be back home and not have to rely on a stupid bus system to get practically anywhere!}. Anyways, we got there pretty early before anything was happening, so we were the dumb Americans in costumes waiting for any other Americans to show up! So it was pretty awkward for the first 2 hours or so that we were there! Emily was dressed up as a cat and kept getting meowed at by creepy older men. I felt the need to turn around and tell them just that...that they were creepy. Seemed to do the trick, no more meowing.

Anyways, when other people finally showed up, it ended up being pretty fun! The next night, a teacher from school at a Halloween party at Keans Lodge. Keans lodge is an American lodge that pretty much is made for big camps and overnight things. There's tons of space and tons of bunks. But the party was fun! Lots of teachers from school were there, interesting to see them all outside of school. All in all, my first {and probably only} German Halloween was a bit of an awkward success.

Ps: BEST schnitzel I've ever had:


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