Saturday, November 13, 2010


Partnach Gorge.was.beautiful

After we went to visit Munich and visited Dochau, the girls came back to Garmisch with Emily and I and we did a little exploring of my beautiful town! They were only able to stay one night and one full day. During that day, we went to the Partnach Gorge. As I was the one who 'knew my way around town' I googled how to get here and it sounded easy enough, take the bus to whatever bus stop and follow the signs. Easy right? Wrong. When we got off the bus, we literally we in the middle of nowhere. Except for oh, the Olympic Stadium that held the 1936 Olypmics. So, I took us on a short detour. This detour ended up being just gorgeous.

Oh, this was not the right sign to follow. We weren't supposed to go left. Woops.

Anywho, once we actually got to the gorge, it was amazing. Not a whole lot to do but walk through it and take beautiful pictures. So here goes!

As we were getting back into Garmisch, we stumbled upon the cutest market in downtown. It was the Martini Market (St. Martin) and it was so much fun! They had all these food tents with gluhwein {red wine with all wintery spices all warmed up....delicious!} and other tents with things to buy. It was just one of those wonderful Sunday afternoons that I hope I'll never forget.
THE most German thing I've eaten so far. Spatzel with sauerkraut and sausage.


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