Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am in Garmsich! It is beautiful! My words wouldn't do it justice, so here are some pictures!

This is the BOQ's where I'll be living! I've go the BEST view of the Alps right outside my window!

Here is Garmisch Elementary/Middle school, where I'll be in 4th grade and resource!

I am already loving the city! Can't wait to see what this next semester brings me!


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Three has always been my favorite number. I love things in 3's. Don't know why...my birthday's 3/3 maybe that's it. Maybe it's the Irish in me. Anyway, Germany is 3 days away and my organized self can do nothing but organize, pack and make lists. Seeing how I just got back from a 9 day vacation (which was wonderful by the way) all I've been able to do is make lists of things I need to do (I made 3 different lists of course). Now I have about 2 full days to complete a page-long to do list. Can't wait to cross all those things off!

I found out yesterday that about 4 other people from NAU are going to be on my flight to London and also to Munich. Feels a lot better to know I'll know a couple people on the flight! They aren't going to Garmisch, but at least I'll be on the flight with them! I also found out today that my boq housing has been approved! YAY! When I get to Garmisch on Monday I'll probably be staying with my mentor teacher and her family the first few nights while everything gets figured out with the rest of my housing situation and base id card. This should be fun!

Three days from right this second I'll be on a plane. Can't wait for you, Germany!